Dear VC

How are you?

How is the US or are you back?

Sir, forgive me for its long since I wrote a letter, but I hope I will remember the format, the last time I checked the letter had introduction, body and conclusion.

Starting with the introduction allow me to say that I am fine because in our African culture we are taught to say everything is fine even when things are not good. May be you don’t know me but I think if I remind you the few places that we have met I think you will remember me. The first time we met was on December 6th 2013 when we had a go slow in which led to closure of the university gate until you came to address various issues that were affecting the students. When you were trying to address the students I was the guy holding a recorder and later when the students become uncontrollable chanting, “the VC must go” am the guy who penetrated the tight security that was guarding you and interviewed you when you were entering your vehicle near Gladdos Shop off campus. That time I was working for Daystar’s Shine fm and Involvement Newspaper. Do you remember me now? Anyway the next time that we met IS early this semester when you were preaching in the chapel. Do you remember the guy who was recording was the chapel session? That’s me.


Sir, the students in the main campus have been frustrated by their outgoing student government leaders. I don’t if know what I am telling you is of any concern to you but because you are our “dad” I think it would be of importance if you knew what we have been going through under the leadership of the so called student leaders. Imagine the fun day the comrades didn’t eat! Yes I said there was no food and because you are a busy man allow me not to describe the venue. Culture week was a flop, and Sir I’m almost in tears when trying to explain to you what happened in Star of excellence award luncheon. The parents of the models who came to cheer their sons and daughters, as they become the next Mr. and Miss Daystar were in utter shock. There was no difference between the venue of a harambee in Kona Kobondo and that venue. Sir, allow me not to tell you what happened on that day; everything was a mess. I don’t know what we will do to the parents who came because, what they saw is the picture they got of Daystar. By the way Sir there was some allegation that there was mismanagement of funds, kindly Sir do something and whoever will be found guilty to face the consequences that come with it. I believe you will do something.

What happened to run a mile and share our dreams initiative? How much did the institution get from the run and when are we going to tarmac the road? We are suffering a lot. Imagine sometime our lecturers and day scholars arrive late to the institution due to the condition of the road. Sometime they even leave the vehicles stuck in the mud and come on foot.


Sir, we are now getting to the body of letter. First of all thank you so much for the measures your management is taking to ensure the students are secure but the Muslims students are requesting to be assured of their future in the institution. Recently all the Muslims security guards in the institution were given 15 minutes to clear from the institution. Sir, is this not violation of rights? Okay may be there was a good reason but the Muslim students want to be assured that same things will not happen to them.

Bwana VC, did you follow what was happening in the main campus during the vetting process of incoming student leaders 2015/2016? Well if you didn’t let me keep you on the know.  Potential leaders were thrown out of the race without any good reason and unqualified candidates were given a ticket to run.

The post of the Secretary General three candidates qualified. Then later one of the candidates was kicked out of the race under unclear circumstances. The Electoral Commission later said that the only thing they knew was that there was a person who wrote a letter to appeal that that student should not be allowed to vie because he was a Muslim. Investigation was done and the Chaplain can attest that that student was not even a Muslim. There was some allegation that he was removed from the race due to order from “above” sir, is it true that you instructed the Associate Dean of Students and the Dean Community life to do all their best to make sure that only the administration candidates of choice go into the ballot? And by the way does it mean that Muslims cannot become student leaders in our institution? Sir, please answer me. Why are they admitted in the institution if they are not allowed to exercise their freedom and rights?

Bwana VC, imagine the dreams of potential leaders were killed due to selfishness of “some” people. What are we teaching them and at the end of the day we expect them to become servant leaders when they leave this institution. By the way is there any deference between killing the dream of an ambitious young student and physically killing a student? Is there any difference between Al shaabab who killed our beloved comrades and those who killed the dream of potential leaders? Food for thought!

Sir, there are some allegations that you have changed the school administration recently and now doing your level best to interfere with the Student Government because you want to renew your term which is ending very soon “na hutaki ‘sumbua” is it true?


By the way on a light note there are some other allegations that you are qualified with veterinary services. I beg to disagree with that allegation because with my understanding, our institution has nothing to do with agriculture. If it was Egerton or Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology or may be Kenya agriculture research institute I would agree with those allegations. Ama ni kweli? Don’t get angry Sir, some people are “haters” imagine there some other allegation that you landed to Daystar University after you were kicked out of St Paul university. Sir, just forgive them. But, wait there is a Swahili proverb that say lisemwalo lipo na kama halipo laja……….


Sir, as I conclude my long letter allow me to tell you that I have tried to hide so many things that I have witnessed with my own eyes that have made me get worried that our institution is sinking slowly but I have tried my level best not to mention them in this letter because “cia mucii ti shomo” and “kagutui ka mucii gatihakagwo ageni” Allow me to conclude this long letter by an advise if you won’t mind, if it is true you are planning to renew your term please do like Mandela and remember this quote “The voice of the people is the voice of God” the devil on the cross by Ngugi wa Thiongo


Waiting eagerly for your reply.

Yours faithfully

Concerned comrade

Written in 2015



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