Dear sweetheart,

I won’t ask how are you because I know you are not well. I won’t even tell you that I love you because I am sure you know too well that I love you and I can die for you. All the same I think you are beginning to doubt my love for you because I didn’t defend you when Cyprian Nyakundi was on your neck. Cyprian is a dog that always want to bite the moon, he is not worth my time. Am sure he is doing what he is doing for three simple reasons

  1. He was denied admission
  2. He tried to get a Daystarian girlfriend but of course you know we don’t have cheap girls who can fall for a man who can do anything to seek attention, including eating his poop.
  3. He has a personal beef with Larry Madowo and because he is a coward, instead of facing Larry he tries a long route.

Few semesters ago in a freshmen class, the lecturer asked the freshmen what they hated about you. Imagine one freshman stood and said that he hates the tribalism in you. Tribalism of all the things? No! I have heard of tribalism in some campuses but in an international university I think it’s a NO! wait a minute is it because the Chancellor and the vice chancellor both come from the Mt. Kenya region? Is it because the dean of students and his assistant come from Mt. Kenya region? Is it because sports and recreation docket the boss and the assistant comes from western Kenya? Is it because finance department almost all the staff are from Kamba land? Or is it because the school of communication the Dean, the HOD and the assistant HOD all come from the lake region? This is just a coincidence, right? I mean almost in all dockets if the boss is from a certain region, the assistant and a good number of staff comes from the same region. Still a coincidence?

Sweetheart am sure you can remember some years back I was a station manager of a campus radio which is under the department of communication. Am sure you can also remember that I wanted to do away with all vernacular programs because I believe vernacular programs are the root of tribalism. I hate tribalism. But it wasn’t easy because the production manager at that time could not accept and because I am not and I will never be a dictator nikakubali shingo upande. He also introduced a Mt Kenya peoples show. The first time it went on air truth be told it picked very well. It received a lot of calls. But something happened……The HOD in the department of communication sent one of the manager to me with a message of scrapping off that show. To make the matter worse, she sent a manager from her tribe so it speaks volumes. Later I called all the managers together with the HOD so that she can explain to us why the show had to be scrapped off. Truth be told she had no reason. Tribalism may be? From that day, I started writing a resignation letter. And finally, I did. Guess who was given the station manager position after my resignation? Yes, someone from the lake region and by way she was the PR manager. Who does that? If a station manager resigns, its logic, the assistant station manager takes over ama?

There are so many cases of sexual harassments although some are believed to be set ups to bring down some people. It is believed that if a member of staff starts challenging the higher authority, many things are done to bring them down and a case of sexual harassment is one of them. Some years back there used to be a certain gentleman in corporate affairs. The gentleman was believed to be harassing ladies from the member of staff and students. The members of staff were threatened to be fired in case they raised alarm and the students were threatened that they will be discontinued and because he was a VC right hand man they all didn’t raise alarm. His journey came to an end when he touched the untouchable. Despite the threats, the lady fought tirelessly and together with the student government of the day, the man had to resign. If all of us were like the lady, things would be smooth.

Sweetheart there is a member of staff who is making life to be a hell to students. This man stays in a student hostel and once in a while he throws bashes and among the invited guests happens to be students who are from the opposite sex. The bash lacks not beer……The man is in charge of the portal and he is alleged to have the magic of changing an F to an A if you talk to him nicely and if you are from the opposite sex it becomes even easier. This guy is so rude and it’s so sad that every beginning of the semester the students have to pass through him when adding or dropping a course.

It’s so sad that the Christian fellowship is no longer a christian fellowship but a Corruption Field (at the top) If you do a follow up on their elections, you will be shocked. Last year a person slept being an electoral commission chair and woke up being a DCF chair. Am sure such a thing cannot happen even in hell.

Sweetheart am sure you know that your founder Dr. Smith is ill. This man has been frustrated a lot by the current administration. For example, he had a big dream of building a big church in a place called rocks but instead of the administration honoring his wish, they are busy building a mega dam worth of millions of moneys. Juzi an alumnus asked me why are the students being told to contribute money for the treatment of Dr. smith. Why don’t the administration make sure that he has a medical cover if not catering for everything?

The best communication school? With the equipment used in Noah’s time? Some students and member of staff have better equipment than the whole institution has…..

In the next letter i will let you know of the crazy deals being done by some people at the top.

Sweetheart as I conclude I want you to remind the many prayer warriors who are always praying for you that when Jesus found people buying and selling in the temple he didn’t pray, he acted. Am just saying.

also see an open letter to the vc

lots of love



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