Nikita Sally Koyier was buried at her rural home in Kokoth Kateng, Kamuya village, Homabay county on 30th November 2018 at the age of 16 leaving a rich legacy of excellence

Nikita Sally Koyier was born on the morning of 17th July 2001 at 5:30 AM at M.P Shah hospital. She started her nursery school in Musa Gitau nursery school, Kiambu County in 2006. 9th January 2007 she was enrolled in standard one and left on 6th November 2014.

She was an active member of scout movement and secretary to home affairs at Musa Gitau primary school upon the change of constitution in 2010. She also played volleyball and basketball.

Upon conclusion of standard 8, she scored 409 marks with A plain in English, Kiswahili and mathematics and A- in social studies.

Nikita was admitted at Alliance girl’s high school and reported on 13th February 2015. Shortly before that, she had been admitted at Kabarak High school where she stayed for two weeks before moving to Alliance girls. Due to her joyous character and ability to get well with everybody, her classmate and the administration at Kabarak High did want to release her to join Alliance girl’s high school. Dr. Koyier (her father) was almost convinced but Catherine Koyier (her late mother) and Mzee Riungu (her grandfather) through their prayers to God were able to persuade Nikita to change her mind and report to Alliance girl’s high school.

For the past four years, Nikita was actively engaged with students and teachers and was doing her best towards 2018 KCSE exam….However, this will never come to pass as Nikita has received her crown of glory in heaven before the KCSE results of 2018.

In 2018, Nikita together with the girls in the German class visited Germany where she presented the Kenyan flag and that of the school to the mayor of Wolfsburg.

From childhood up to October 2018, Nikita had had no serious medical conditions.

On September 30th was his father received a call from school with the information that Nikita was having serious head ache and could not sleep. He rushed her to Karen hospital where she was treated and they went back home that night.

On Monday 1st October, her father took her to Agha Khan hospital Syokimau as she had difficulty sleeping. She was treated and went back to school on 7th 0ctober 2018 against her father’s advice of seeking further treatment at Agha Khan hospital in parklands. Nikita summoned her strength, put her uniform and went back to school.

On 7th October, Nikita experienced difficulties in sleeping and persistent headache and as a result the school summoned her father on 8th of October to take her back to hospital. They visited physician at Agha Khan in parkland where a CT scan was done to establish whether she had meningitis, but the result was negative. There was also no trace of any bacterial infection. The doctor gave her some medication to make her sleep. She took the medicine between 9th and 10th of October but the situation did not improve.

At around 10:30 pm on Wednesday 10th October 2018 at night, Nikita condition worsened, she was rushed her at MP Shah hospital where she stayed from Wednesday 10th and Friday 12th October 2018 before being transferred to avenue Nursing home on the assumption that she could have been suffering from depression and trauma, however this was not the case.

Nikita was transferred to Agha Khan university hospital- Nairobi on 16th October when her condition got worse and was not responding to the medication that was being administered.

Several investigations were done but the doctors could not establish the cause of this consistent head ache……finally the doctors confirmed that the condition was related to auto immune but could not pin down the exact cause

She suffered cardiac arrest on Friday 16th November 2018 in the morning but was resuscitated. She suffered the second cardiac arrest at 11:00 pm and the third one at 5:00 pm and she went to be with the lord.


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