Dear graduands,

For you guys from my former University any other University who’ve been posting on social media about your graduation, its nice, I mean congratulations. But I’m just going to succinctly lay it out to you how its gonna be for some of you once you come out here to join the rest of the wolves.
First, no one gives a damn about your posh degree. Out here, 85% of the time we’re all equal – either you have a diploma or a degree. Hell, sometimes you’ll even find yourself competing for the same job with a form 4 leaver.
Employers will be looking for experience, and because they know you ain’t got any they’ll take advantage of your soft skin, they’ll give you internships or attachments or work on probation but nothing solid. The company will not be willing to put you on payroll because you’re just fresh from school or some other flimsy reason.
Do not be deceived that the job market is waiting for you simply because you interned in a few media houses, companies or organizations. Being in school is attractive, employers want to have a taste of those fresh brains while they’re still in school, once you’re out you become a citizen..part of the walking Nation. You’re now like the proverbial ugly girl in the village with the big behind who everyone wants to sleep with but no one wants to marry. They all want to give you internships but not jobs.

After a couple of months they’ll spit you to the world again. Seeing how hungry the wolves are you’ll look for another job but the cycle won’t stop. You’ll be poorly remunerated and no one will give a shit about you. You’ll be shown the door if you complain or ‘over step’ the boundaries.
It’s even harder for ladies, you think your lecturers were pure manner less when they asked for the cookie to give you an A? Think again, in the real world things will just be black and white, “do me and maybe I might do you.” Which means you might sleep with him and still not get the job.

Frustrated, you might quit eventually or if you have a thick skin you’ll go on, but you’ll be sad and depressed. This life will feel so mean, I mean, you’re a graduate and things aren’t just working out, damn! Woe unto those who will not be privileged to even secure an internship in a blue chip company.

If you had any significant post or power back then in campus, and clearly you called the shots in your hey days in Campo, all that won’t matter out here, with your suits from pocket money and your shiny face, one year down the line you’ll probably have forgotten who you were in campus – you’ll probably be in another ‘line of business.’

Hell will start breaking lose when your family starts becoming impatient with your unemployability. They invested in you, even the ones in shags who don’t know your English name will mourn about their ‘support’ for your education. My friend if you’re an average Kenyan with no godfathers you’ll have so many mouths to feed even before you can afford to feed yourself.

After being heartbroken by the system and after weighing the situation on the ground you’ll decide to start a business, a full or side hustle to keep you going before your ‘major break.’
Almost all businesses out here are taken, so you better have a better idea to enhance a new idea or have a new idea that is your brain child altogether. Even after beating the odds to remain buoyant in a fast city and competitive business men and women, you’ll realize that most of your buddies from campus don’t support your hustle. All that groupie thing you have right now will soon hit the wall and everyone will be for himself, struggling on their own just watching from the sidelines. The few who feel a little bit privileged will keep you at bay and laugh at you with their cronies whenever you simply breath. Instead of supporting your hustle most of them will prefer to hate on it. You’ll make new acquaintances.

In your free time you’ll find yourself applying for odd jobs and by the end of one year after graduation you and a form 4 leaver will have no difference. My friend if you’ll have moved from home and you’re paying your own rent and stuff these loan apps will know your name.

However things will go very smoothly for some of you. There’s always a group of people who you studied with who’ll give you pressure. Some will get married soon after school and have fancy lives. Some will slide in gracefully in the family business. Some will be sent abroad by their benefactors for further studies. Some will just get jobs so easily like applying jam to a slice of bread. Woe unto you if you don’t fit in the above cluster.

So dear graduates, welcome to the world. I really hope you have a plan other than sending CVs to potential employers. I hope you have something else other than a job

The trick is to unite. Vijana tushikane. Align yourself with people who want to win in this life. Align yourself with those who want to walk with the gods. Align yourself with visionary men and women. That’s the only way to win.

Friends and foes alike, I am forming a consortium. If you’re boarding contact me, let’s win together.

Live together or die alone.



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