The tea master Edgar Obare has revealed that a reliable source has warned him against meeting Felix Oduor a.k.a Jalang’o; who is allegedly working with Babu Owino, Obia and a few officials from the DCI to put him behind bars.

Edgar who has been doing quite well with his exposés on Instagram and YouTube is now hiding as he fears for his dear life.

He revealed this in a series of screenshots shared on his Instagram page.

A couple of weeks ago, Edgar released an expose video painting Jalang’o as a womanizer who has cheating on his wife.

He later deleted the videos, According to an explanation given by the vlogger, he deleted the videos out of goodwill after a few celebrities reached out to him.

“I have not been posting on YouTube from January. A lot of people have tried to sue me. If you notice there are some videos you do not see on the channel, it is for that reason. For some of them, I just showed mercy,” said Obare.

From the look of things, deleting the video was not enough for the celebrity. According to Edgar, Jalang’o now wants him behind bars for meddling in his life.

“I’m sick and tired of fearing for my safety and staying quiet, Yesterday Jalang’o calls me and asks can I come for a meeting at the DCI, I ask what it is about and he refuses to say.

I tell him I have to think about it (I refuse to go without being given reason for the meeting) and he sounds angry and says will you come or should we just come for you.

Who does he think he is, how can private Citizen summon me. Then I get a DM from a source who claims to be close to him, warning me of what’s about to happen,” he wrote.

The source who is allegedly close to Jalang’o warned Edgar that Jalang’o and his group of friends and police were planning to put him in a cell even without charges.

Obare shared that he heeded the warnings and left his house in the middle of the night.




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