Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga, a man who recorded himself defiling an alleged niece has been arrested in Kericho.

In the self-incriminating video, he is seen in a blue shirt and red boxer shorts capturing his face and the whole act in a tiny room with a double-decker bed.

He then goes on to set the camera before proceeding to defile the girl who is believed to be a teenage in his one-roomed house. The girl in question is said to have visited the family of the man to stay with them, and that she belongs to the perpetrator’s sister.

After the incident elicited anger from the majority of social media users, Ayoyi deleted his Facebook account before going under, even as sleuths from the Child Protection Unit launched manhunt.

According to the suspect, the video was taken in 2017 and when the woman in question was 20 years old.

He also denied sharing the video, claiming that in 2017 he lost his phone which may have ended up in the hands whoever shared the video.

It remains unclear which charges the suspect will face but if it proved that the woman was not underage, then he could be charged with incest.

The Sexual Offenses Act in Kenya defines incest as sexual relations between a man and a female relative whom he knows to be his daughter, granddaughter, sister, mother, niece, aunt or grandmother and sexual relations between a woman and the corresponding male relatives.

Those found guilty of the offense are liable to imprisonment for a term of not less than 10 years.

After the video has gone viral, online fake news stated that she committed suicide after Friends Showed Her The Viral Sex Tape but according to Franklin Wallah, KTN NEWS crime reporter, The family of the young girl who was recorded in an online trending video, allegedly being defiled by her uncle, says the girl has not committed suicide.


Police reports from Sabatia sub county police headquarters in Vihiga County, a region where the said girl has been ‘reported’ to have committed the act by hanging herself,  indicate in the entire sub county, they have not booked any case of that sort.


“Just finished preparing the file for search warrant and custodial in the morning.

We need to search for the victim to ascertain her age” a senior detective close to the matter disclosed.


Meanwhile, police have launched investigation and also summoned parents of the said girl to present her to the police.


The girl, according to the accused – Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga, she was 20 years old when the video was recorded somewhere in Nairobi in 2017 when they were in the act. Ajunga said he recorded the video with the consent of the young girl (niece), but he is not aware how it went viral. His police statement reads.

Ajunga is being detained at Kericho Police station.




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